We make use of the power of ʻwithʼ to overcome problems that are too big, too complex and too expensive to tackle alone.

Our approach to problem solving is ‘open bowl’ rather than ‘black box’
– a transparent and inclusive way of tackling complex challenges


Leadership and Culture

New ways

To be a force for good, you need to bring your purpose to life, across your whole organisation. So we start with leaders – helping to develop the mindset, the will and the skill to make this happen.

Orca swimming mountain

Foresight and Strategy

New models

We help you to investigate, challenge and create the innovative business models you need to compete and grow – in new ways and in new places.

Ice breaker ship aerial

Systems Collaboration

New partnerships

Some challenges are too complex or too expensive to tackle alone. We help you to work with others, across sectors and borders, to reshape systems.