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We work with leaders and organisations to unlock purpose and develop the will and skill to transform businesses and the systems upon which they depend.

Customers, talent and investors are seeking purpose-led businesses that credibly contribute to people and planet. Much attention has been given to the investments, technologies and business models required, but very little to the inner development your people require to accelerate and sustain a transition.

CEOs and CHROs need to empower and develop people and teams capable of driving and sustaining momentum for purpose-driven, planet and people-positive ways of growing the business.

Consciously developing the right leadership mindsets, capabilities and behaviours across your organisation is critical to transforming how you do business, the way strategic decisions are made, and how you are viewed by your customers and wider society.

Bring to life a more purpose-driven culture aligned with the long-term needs of people and planet, or develop leaders capable of influencing not only the organisation’s growth but the systems it depends on.

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We help you:

  • Develop leadership teams’ capabilities to galvanise their organisation through a major transformation
  • Empower teams to develop the mindsets, skills and behaviours to co-create with renewed purpose
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours to understand and enable other industries to transform
  • Build the systems transformation capabilities required for sustainable business strategies
  • Learn from and build trusted relationships with leaders beyond your sector

Combining our full capabilities across leadership & culture, foresight & strategy, and systems collaboration, our team will develop tailored programmes to deliver results, involve you in cross-sector coalitions to tackle shared dilemmas, and unlock a purpose-driven culture.

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Our universes

We give leaders the opportunity to step into our universe and participate in life-changing programmes with people who share a common purpose. Explore our programmes.

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James Beresford leads our Leadership and Culture Studio and Leadership Vanguard programme with specialism in Planet-Positive Growth

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