Planet wide problems need new models of growth. There are ways of doing business that benefit people and planet. Xynteo helps businesses find these ways.


We focus on three mission-critical areas to turn challenges into opportunities for good growth.

  • Planet-Positive Growth

    For the planet

    As a leader, you want your business to work with, not against nature. From reaching net zero to embracing the circular economy, we help you find ways to achieve planet positive growth.

  • Inclusive Growth

    For the many

    As well as building commercial value, you want to have a positive impact on the people around you. From enhancing culture to helping reshape society, we help you find opportunities for inclusive growth.

  • Innovative Growth

    For the future

    To reinvent growth for the long term you need to make room for original thinking and action. From pioneering products to new models of work, we help you explore innovative growth.


We define good growth as growth that benefits
the needs of people, planet and the future.

Good growth


Tackling global problems requires finding ways of doing business that benefit people and planet. We help organisations find those ways.

  • Leadership & Culture

    New ways

    We work with leaders to develop the mindset and skills needed to build and strengthen purpose driven cultures.

  • Foresight & Strategy

    New models

    We help you investigate, challenge and create the innovative business models needed to compete in new ways, new places and for the future.

  • Systems Collaboration

    New partnerships

    Some challenges are too complex and expensive to tackle alone. We help you work with others, across sectors and borders, to reshape systems.