About us

Xynteo is a purpose-driven advisory firm founded in Norway that works with the world’s largest organisations to help them find new ways to grow.

We believe business is a force for good when leaders think long term, work with, not against nature and use their influence and resources for the many not the few. For us, this is good growth.


Our work helps leaders in 3 ways. To shape cultures and organisations to think and act differently; to create innovative, regenerative business models to compete and grow in new ways; and to embrace radical cross-sector, cross-border collaboration to tackle system challenges. And we do this in very different ways to how you might expect.


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To succeed, you need new connections, new perspectives and new sources of inspiration – which speak to the heart as well as the head.

So we carry you far outside your everyday environment, out of your universe and into ours, to take part in experiences that combine not just the rational, but also the emotional; not just science, but also the arts; not just analysis, but also creativity. The experiences we create are open and safe, giving you the space to think and generate collective action to leverage scale and capabilities to change the systems that shape our world.

We seek to inspire you, as part of a community of leaders, to catalyse change in your organisation – and to make the positive impact you seek. By using the power of ‘with’ we build new networks of innovators and change-makers to help tackle the problems that are too big, too complex and too expensive to tackle alone.

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Our approach to problem solving is more ʻopen bowlʼ than ʻblack boxʼ – a transparent and inclusive way of tackling complex challenges.

Our life-changing programmes include the Xynteo Exchange, Leadership Vanguard, Vikaasa, Europe Delivers, and The Performance Theatre. We help you not just to transform how you think, but to solve practical challenges as an organisation – whether that’s cutting carbon or shaping a new proposition. Above all, we’re passionate about helping you to ‘grow forward’. Are you ready to start?

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Our people

We are a passionate team of talented professionals working with clients globally, from our offices in Norway, India and the UK.

Our team has a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences from creative to scientific and analytical, but everyone is united behind our common purpose, helping businesses to re-invent growth.


Work with us

Xynteo is helping to reinvent the way business grows, by equipping leaders of many of the world’s leading companies to transform the systems they operate in. Want to make a real impact with us?

We regularly advertise opportunities and job openings on Xynteo.com, LinkedIn and local job networks.

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