Systems collaboration

New partnerships

We help you partner with others, across sectors and borders, to reshape systems that are too complex or too expensive to tackle alone.

Reinventing our growth model and the systems that underpin it, is a challenge no single actor can undertake alone. The challenges of climate change, inequity and innovation require collective action.

Transforming supply chains to be more sustainable, deploying innovative ways of production and ensuring a positive impact on communities mean coalitions between organisations are required to accelerate the benefits for all.

Form partnerships to tackle change in the systems you share with others, deliver value not only to shareholders, but also customers and communities, or want to build a leadership culture and skillset of collaboration growth.

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We help you:

  • Build cross-sector, cross-industry coalitions across value chains
  • Generate shared understanding of the context and vision
  • Unlock latent potential within your sphere of influence
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to develop future-fit strategies
  • Define and launch joint thought leadership and collaborative projects
  • Co-create new products and services, or scale existing ones

Linking Systems Collaboration with our full capabilities, our team will engage you in tailored programmes to deliver results, involve you in cross-sector coalitions to tackle share dilemmas, and enable a purpose-drive growth culture within your leaders.

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Our universes

We give leaders the opportunity to step into our universe and participate in life-changing programmes with people who share a common purpose. Explore our programmes.

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Vipul Kumar Leads our Systems Collaboration Studio and our Vikaasa partnership with specialism in Planet Positive Growth

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