Planet-Positive Growth

For the planet

As a leader, you want your business to work with nature, not against it. From reaching net zero to embracing the circular economy, we help you find ways to achieve planet-positive growth.

The world faces an unprecedented climate emergency, with time running out to prevent global temperatures from rising by more than 1.5°C.

With more than a fifth of world’s largest companies having net zero emissions targets, business leaders have a critical role in enabling their organisations and their wider systems to succeed.

Developing commitments and strategies for your business to reach net zero is only the first step. You need to build a culture and way of working that prioritises environmental concerns in line with commercial realities, creates new planet-positive products and services and develop collaborative external partnerships to make systemic change.

Unlock the opportunity for growth presented by a net zero future, develop a plan to meet your commitments, and develop a leadership mindset, will and skill to meet your net zero goals.

Chimney pollution

We help you:

  • Shape your ESG strategy
  • Plan and act on reducing your carbon and environmental footprint
  • Align your operating model with global climate goals • Help your leaders and teams to build the knowledge, will and skill to meet net-zero
  • Develop your governance; alongside practical models for action
  • Find ways to catalyse cross-sector and cross-border change
  • Enable new forms of co-ordinated action

Combining our full capabilities across leadership & culture, foresight & strategy, and systems collaboration, our team will develop tailored programmes to deliver results, involve you in cross-sector coalitions to tackle shared dilemmas, and unlock a purpose-driven culture.

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Tackling global problems requires finding ways of doing business that benefit people and planet. We help organisations find those ways.

  • Leadership & Culture

    New ways

    We work with leaders to develop the mindset and skills needed to build and strengthen purpose driven cultures.

  • Foresight & Strategy

    New models

    We help you investigate, challenge and create the innovative business models needed to compete in new ways, new places and for the future.

  • Systems Collaboration

    New partnerships

    Some challenges are too complex and expensive to tackle alone. We help you work with others, across sectors and borders, to reshape systems.



Emrah Durusut leads our Planet-Positive Growth Studio with specialism in Foresight and Strategy

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