Foresight & Strategy

New models

We help leaders and organisations understand today and tomorrow, working with them to prepare and execute strategic leaps to capitalise and create enduring value.

The web of questions facing leaders is fluid and complex. Pandemics; increasingly crowded, volatile, and digitally disrupted markets; supply chain disruptions; geo-political and social upheaval and environmental challenges occupy and often dominate the minds of all leaders.

With demanding, environmentally, and socially conscious consumers four times more likely to buy from a purpose-driven business – new market and product success, talent retention and consumer attention depend on finding new business models that benefit both people and planet.

Enhance your preparedness and foresight; build nimble, inspiring, and bold strategies or leverage opportunities to adapt, grow, innovate and lead.

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We help you:

  • Explore market dynamics, trends, best-practice, and competitive landscapes
  • Model a range of futures - the ones we’d like and the ones we don’t
  • Co-create, evaluate, and select strategic options
  • Assess the organisation’s ability to realise anticipated outcomes
  • Develop compelling narratives for stakeholder engagement
  • Plan and deliver the transformation beside you

Combining Foresight and Strategy with our full capabilities, our team will work beside you to create and realise the differentiating strategic vision that will galvanise your organisation and its stakeholders for enduring value and purposeful impact.

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Our universes

We give leaders the opportunity to step into our universe and participate in life-changing programmes with people who share a common purpose. Explore our programmes.

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Philip Smith leads our Foresight and Strategy Studio and our Europe Delivers partnership with specialism in Inclusive Growth

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Philip Smith