Europe is at a pivotal moment. We need to leverage our remarkable heritage and attributes to overcome complex challenges across the social, political, economic and environmental spectrum.


Europe Delivers is a platform with a mission to mobilise European leaders to drive a new kind of growth that secures the wellbeing of European citizens today – and for generations to come. Our vision for growth is one that works with nature, not against it; delivers value across generations, not financial quarters and election cycles; and creates prosperity and wellbeing for all Europeans, not just a privileged few.


Please read our report that marks the launch of Europe Delivers. In it, we:


  • Explore four Grand Challenges at the heart of Europe’s current difficulties and future opportunities;
  • Reveal insights from a new study of the digital media conversation on European growth; and
  • Share learnings from trailblazing projects that are driving impact.


To stay connected or to join this project, please contact europedelivers@xynteo.com.


You can view the report below. To download a copy please click the button in the top left corner of the report.


Europe Delivers aims to advance a new kind of growth by:


1. Inspiring a new narrative on growth – to challenge old assumptions and ignite a new dialogue on the future of the European growth model.

2. Building a community – to ignite a multi-sector movement of change-makers.

3. Catalysing practical action – to prove models for this new kind of growth in economically strategic systems and value chains, starting with the energy system.


We have explored four interconnected themes, each providing a lens on the future of growth in Europe: productive (technology and labour); environmental; global (the relationship between Europe and the rest of the world); and social.


The Future of Work – How can Europe ensure that the changing landscape of work optimises both business performance and human prosperity?


A Green and Resilient Economy – How can Europe recalibrate economic growth so that it balances short-term human needs with long-term environmental resilience?


A Global Europe – How can Europe lead the world towards an open, collaborative and universally prosperous future?


A New Social Contract – How can Europe repair the social contract between leaders and people to reflect the evolving needs of modern society?


We are continuing to build a network of partners – both organisations and individuals – with whom we will collaborate to create a set of action-orientated blueprints in Summer 2019. Following on from this, we will develop and deliver detailed plans with our growing community of partners to drive business and civil society action and policy change.

Partnering together to create our future

Whether you are a leader, an active change maker, frustrated with the status quo or motivated by the opportunity to take action, we invite you to join us in creating the change that Europe needs.



To be part of the journey, or for more information, please contact us at europedelivers@xynteo.com.

About Europe Delivers


Europe Delivers is powered by Xynteo and guided by an independent Advisory Board of purpose-driven leaders.


Xynteo is building a broad base of partners across different sectors to support the development of Europe Delivers and to catalyse action towards its mission.


Europe Delivers was initiated with the support of Nord Stream 2, which has provided seed funding. Scania joins as Europe Delivers’ newest partner, leading a programme focused on unleashing the potential of Europe’s bio-economy.