We live in a world of abundance. Awash in knowledge, talent, technology and capital, we have what we need to build a thriving world, underpinned by a new growth model. But outdated, misdirected or, in some cases, straight-up bad leadership is holding us back, squandering these resources instead of securing the highest human return. At the heart of the challenge is this: obsolete metrics, mindsets and approaches prevent talent and capital from connecting with the problems that matter.


The Xynteo Exchange is a cross-industry, cross-sector platform for connecting ideas, talent and capital and fusing them into new growth opportunities that are fit for the future. The concept is simple: 36 hours to experience a ‘future-fit town’ where we are challenged not only to think and talk, but also to create and do, including:

A centre stage for world-class leaders to inspire and give strategic direction.

50 projects with the ambition to change humanity – connecting the right ideas with the right talent and capital.

Intense co-creation sessions to seed commercial solutions to human problems.


Here is a snapshot of the 2018 programme to date (timings and itinerary subject to change). We’ve built our programme around four design principles:


  • Engage actively and interactively
  • Get connected to diverse human realities
  • Be ambitious: start with the end in the mind
  • Build momentum year-on-year

27 November

1900-2100 – Reception




28 November

0845-1000 – Square
1000-1130 – Marketplace
1200-1700 – Studios
1730-1930 – Square

29 November

0830-1230 – Studios
1300-1400 – Marketplace
1400-1600 – Square


Check back often to get the latest updates to our programme and speakers.


Yara joins Xynteo Exchange


Sophia Hanson will speak at Xynteo Exchange/Norway 2018

Robot Sophia Hanson
Cultural Icon, Hanson Robotics Limited 

David Suzuki will speak at Xynteo Exchange/Norway 2018

David Suzuki
Geneticist and Broadcaster

Svein Tore Holsether
President and CEO, Yara International

Raymond Johansen will speak at the Xynteo Exchange/Norway 2018

Raymond Johansen
Governing Mayor, City of Oslo

Additional speakers to be announced soon.



One of the core building blocks of the Xynteo Exchange, the MARKETPLACE is a live-experience that will help ground-breaking initiatives, projects and ideas aiming to make the world a better place, succeed by connecting with the right talent and capital.


This year, 50 of the most promising business solutions from a global pool of world-leading disruptors, innovators, change-makers and industry shapers will come together to connect with those that can help scale their impact and create new partnerships to mobilise collective change to solve human problems.


The MARKETPLACE will be organised across four themed partner-sponsored Impact Zones, multiple roaming Speaker’s Corners to broadcast a selection of new growth stories and the Ventures Hub, a dedicated safe space to learn how to strategically scale up good ideas.


On top of that, we will shine a spotlight on the most deserving initiatives with our inaugural Impact Maker award.


Last year, over 430 participants across sectors attended the Xynteo Exchange/Norway






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New Growth Opportunities Created


We’d love to hear from you!
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