Fredrik Høyer and Bendik Baksaas

Electronic duo

Fredrik Høyer + Bendik Baksaas is a duo made up by two very different artists: a poet and a dj – and together they push limits. Their organic construction of rap and spoken word, house and techno has blown minds in Norway the past year. They released the monumental double album “Til alt ute” in 2019. 

Fredrik Høyer is a jazz poet from Drammen. He is also known as an aspiring dramatic, street artist and actor, known for plays such as “Grønlandsutraen” at the National Theatre.

Bendik Baksaas is an electronic musician with a distinct style. Using a drum machine and samples, he has developed a style of playing where playfulness and precision let the details become the main attraction. He received the Oslo Prize for the Album of the Year with his album “Duets” in 2018.