Europe Delivers

Europe Delivers aims to advance a new growth model for Europe – one that works with nature, not against it; that delivers value over the long-term, not just the short-term; and one that generates value for all, not just the few.

To do that we work with leaders across disciplines, sectors,  and geographies to bridge the gap between new thinking about growth in Europe and tangible action that can be taken now. 

The work of Europe Delivers aims to do that in three ways: by changing the dialogue on growth; by building a movement of change-makers; and by catalysing practical action to drive impact at scale.

Europe Delivers Focus

Ignite a fresh, positive and entrepreneurial narrative on growth

Inspire Europe to move faster towards a sustainable growth model. 

Build a cohort of change-makers who can share and amplify that narrative

Work consciously to engage enlightened leaders who have a deep passion and commitment to advance future-fit growth for Europe.

Catalyse genuine, practical action and real initiatives

Move from vision to reality by incubating projects that further galvanise this optimistic, but realistic, model for Europe. 

The four Grand Challenges

At the heart of this programme are four Grand Challenges that we believe will shape the future of European growth:


There's going to be a huge shift towards corporations being responsible for more constituencies than just financial markets and shareholders
Hans Vestberg, CEO Verizon, in "A New Kind of Growth for Europe"

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Philip Smith

Chief Operating Officer Xynteo
Programme Director, Europe Delivers