Understanding tomorrow's consumers

Over the course of the 21st century, life on Earth will have transformed faster than at any other time in history. The global population is projected to nearly double, to around 11 billion; meanwhile climate change, biodiversity loss and deforestation threaten to make the natural resources needed to support that population increasingly precarious. Our ability to sustain current lifestyles and consumption patterns becomes less tenable each year, and growing public awareness is influencing our purchasing choices. Shifting consumer attitudes and values have impacted everything from the use of single-use plastic bags to the boom in the sharing economy. 

About the Anglo-American Studio 

On the other side of the equation, technological advances are revolutionising the ways we live and work, letting us meet our needs with fewer or different resources. The ‘fourth industrial revolution’ is also shifting demand for raw materials such as copper for the electrification of our cities and infrastructure, rare earth elements for our electronic goods, and energy production and storage, to name a few examples.   

How will evolving demographics, technologies, attitudes and values shape consumer behaviour around the globe in the coming years and decades? What will future consumers look like, in all their forms? 

On day one of this Studio, participants will consider the multitude of forces that may shape consumer choices over the coming decades, including the cultural, political, economic and ethical drivers influencing communities worldwide. On day two, we will apply this analysis to the future of key sectors including transport, housing, energy, and luxury goods, imagining potential ‘future histories’ and their implications today.  

More information on each of the pre-defined problem areas will be updated soon.