The Marketplace is where The Impact Maker Award, a global competition for bold entrepreneurs with unconventional solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges, comes to life. 

Created in 2018, as an integral part of the Xynteo Exchange/Norway, we are now looking for 50 market-based solutions for The Impact Maker Award 2019, working towards solving our Impact Challenges. The selected finalists will be invited to showcase their solutions to some of the most forward-thinking leaders in the world and compete to win a €50,000 cash prize to take their solution to the next level.

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Impact Challenges

Systemic challenges still persist despite an abundance of brilliant ideas, availability of capital and outstanding talent. Our solution is to connect all three elements to generate positive impact on an unprecedented scale.

Each year, together with our partners, we dissect the market for human problems and distilled them into our Impact Challenges.

Impact Makers 2019

This year's Impact Makers have been selected! This year's entrepreneurs will connect with potential partners and investors that can help them grow their business and scale their impact, meanwhile competing for the Xynteo Impact Maker Award 2019 – a €50.000 cash grant.

When you’re at the Marketplace, also visit The Explorer - the official digital marketplace for green technology from Norway.




Who can apply?
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To encourage all forms of innovation, there are no restrictions with respect to the size, location or maturity of the solutions we are accepting. We are open for submissions from scale and growth ventures to early-stage start-ups that are working towards solving one of our challenges, are commercially viable, and technically feasible.

We are strong advocates of diversity and fierce believers on the efficiency of ‘local-solutions for global challenges’ approach.

Is there financial support to cover travel costs?
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A select number of international applicants will receive financial support to cover travel costs. We recognise that the cost of travelling to Oslo is significant, however, we encourage applicants to look at the potential gains in network and investment as well as the overall experience. 

What are the evaluation criteria to be an impact maker finalist?
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The solutions will be evaluated according to a 7-point criteria, by the Xynteo Exchange/Norway team and the Impact Challenge Ambassadors from each respective challenge. In parallel, as part of the selection process we will look for diverse and interlinked solutions across the value chain of the challenges.

We are looking for bold, unconventional solutions that are a breakthrough or big improvements from existing ones | Creativity

Your solution must have high potential to help solve a human need related to one of our Impact Challenges | Goodness

Does your solution to have high potential to scale. Is it timely? Does it have high longevity and profitability potential? If it’s B2C, is it accessible and affordable to as many of the potential beneficiaries as possible? | Scalability

Is your solution technically achievable? Does the technology exist? Is there technical know-how to make it happen? | Feasibility

You (and your solution) need to clearly benefit from exposure, mentorship, investment, and network you could get from participating in the Xynteo Exchange/Norway | Readiness

Do you have the right team on board to execute and make it a success | Human Power

Are you conveying the message in a simple and yet clear and compelling away? | Presentability

What is the voting process to become the winner of the Impact Maker Award 2019?
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Each participant of the Xynteo Exchange/Norway will be allowed to vote for one of the 50 Impact Maker finalists. The winner of The Impact Maker Award 2019 and €50,000 cash prize will be announced in the afternoon on 10 October.

Are there restrictions on how I spend the €50,000 cash prize?
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The €50,000 need to be reinvested into your organisation. However, we do not restrict how the investment is done. Additionally, we will follow-up with you  to determine the impact the award has on your solution.

When and where is it?
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As an integral part of the Xynteo Exchange, the Impact Maker Award will be happening on 9-10 of October in Oslo, Norway. Submission will end by 25 of August and the finalists will be announced by 2 of September.


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Joao Sousa

Principal, Xynteo

Joao Sousa