The Leadership Vanguard

It is a simple truth - We have the resources needed to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. What's lacking is the leadership to apply commercial muscle to make it happen.

The Leadership Vanguard is a year-long acceleration and leadership development programme that brings together senior leaders from global organisations across industries and around the world to collaborate to accelerate commercial solutions to the problems that threaten the future of growth. 


The participants collaborate intensively and combine capabilities, networks and knowledge to accelerate impact enterprises. They work closely together within small cross-company groups to:


Investigate future threats and opportunities within three global themes.


Deepen their understanding and experience of these systemic challenges in frontier markets.

Understand and analyse

Understand and analyse the innovative impact enterprises addressing them, the market, value chain and management challenges they face.


Identify what is required to reach scale and propose a package of acceleration support to support the selected impact enterprises.
The paradox is that for a tiny investment of materials goods – perhaps two to three percent per year of our global income – we could mobilise our technological excellence to end the scourges of extreme poverty, disease and environmental degradation.
Jeffrey Sachs

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Rick Wheatley

EVP New Growth, Xynteo
Director of the Leadership Vanguard

Rick Wheatley