The Leadership Vanguard

It is a simple truth - We have the resources needed to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. What's lacking is the leadership to apply commercial muscle to make it happen.

The Leadership Vanguard is a year-long acceleration and leadership development programme that brings together senior leaders from global organisations across industries and around the world to collaborate to influence systems and accelerate future-fit business models.

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The participants collaborate intensively and combine capabilities, networks and knowledge to accelerate impact enterprises. They work closely together within small cross-company groups to:

The paradox is that for a tiny investment of materials goods – perhaps two to three percent per year of our global income – we could mobilise our technological excellence to end the scourges of extreme poverty, disease and environmental degradation.
Jeffrey Sachs
My perspective has expanded because of this program. It’s a completely different program that opens your mind and changes your mindset.
Pablo Arguelles Tuñon, EDP

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James Beresford

Programme Director, Leadership Vanguard