A conversation with Xynteo CEO Jorge Pikunic and Professor David Victor - Part 2

Reaching net zero requires the right mindset

In the second half of our CEO’s, Jorge Pikunic, conversation David Victor from the University of California at San Diego – we dive into some of the specifics around achieving a more sustainable way of doing business.

How does the difference between the compliance department and the strategy team mindset impact on an organisations approach to tackling the race to zero? What, if any, is the role of carbon credits in achieving corporate sustainability ambitions? What are some of the potential game-changing technologies here now, and just over the horizon?

Listen in the part 2 of the conversation above; or go back and listen to part 1 to hear why global warming isn’t just an environmental issue – but a military and political issue, too.

About David Victor

David is a professor on innovation and public policy at UC San Diego. David’s research explores the intersection of climate-change science and policy, with his book, “Global Warming Gridlock,” explaining why the world hasn’t made much diplomatic progress on climate change – and offers new strategies that would be more effective.

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