The Xynteo Exchange/India comes to a close!

10 Apr 2018

On 05 April, over 300 leaders from business, the start-up community, academia, research institutions and government came together at the Xynteo Exchange/India2022, hosted by TechnipFMC.

We took inspiration from over 20 speakers in the Square, including Sanjiv Mehta, Renana Jhabvala, Thierry Pilenko, Marthe Scharning Lund, Henrik Müller-Hansen and Krishna Bodanapu. We witnessed 27 stellar Marketplace projects from Shell, TechnipFMC, Cyient, Hindustan Unilever, GE, Siemens, Tata Chemicals and the Manndeshi Foundation, along with many other partners. In the Studios, we challenged our current realities, and engaged with those from diverse sectors to work on wicked problems across waste to value, energy, sustainable mining and diagnostic healthcare. Together, we renewed our commitment to create a new growth model for India by the 75th anniversary of its independence.

The next meeting of this remarkable community of leaders will take place in Oslo, at the Xynteo Exchange/Norway on 28 and 29 November.