Traceability in the food value chain through common sustainability standards

26 Oct 2018

It's broadly understood and agreed that there is a significant need to improve the environmental, social and financial sustainability along the food value chain – all the way from production to the consumer. In order to do this effectively, all the actors along the value chain need to move in the same direction and have a shared understanding of the cost of externalities. However, a lack of traceability and misaligned incentives is inhibiting ability to commit to the necessary investments and changes.

Thus, there is a need to fast-track the development and implementation of a transparent and unified certification system that can be both easily audited and communicated to consumers. While agriculture has the ability to drastically transform lives, increase resilience and improve social mobility, this is immensely difficult to do without a system to trace where food comes from, how it is produced and what the impact is on the environment and society. The challenge: How might we improve shared value creation across the food value chain through improved traceability according to common standards?