The TPT Weather Reports – Episode 1

How do the spaces we share as communities, shape us as individuals? What might a retired shepherd from Himachal Pradesh in India, an entrepreneur from Milwaukee, USA and a tribesman from the Brazilian Amazon have in common? During 2021, Xynteo’s The Performance Theatre collaborated with filmmakers to bring you stories of three unique community leaders from across the globe.

A disappearing way of life

In the first of three episodes that look at how our changing world and climate effects individuals and communities in the margins of our society, we are introduced to the “reporters” and taken into the high mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India, by shepherd Arjun Ram.

Now in his sixties, Arjun became a shepherd at 11 years old, driving his flock through the decaying mountain ruins of the kingdoms and empires of the past. But as the world continues to transform around him, the youth of today are no longer interested in pursuing the trade to which he has devoted his life. And as the effects of climate change limit snow, rain, and the all-important growth of the grasses his sheep feed on – time may be up for this traditional mountain lifestyle.

Learn more about Arjun’s story in episode one of ‘TPT Weather Reports’ – three short documentaries produced by Xynteo’s the Performance Theatre, a community of leaders from business, policy, civil society, and the arts dedicated to reinventing growth – for themselves, their organisations, and the systems of which they are a part.

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