Rose McGowan talks about the radical path to bring about systemic change

27 Nov 2018

The 2018 Xynteo Starter featured an exclusive interview and Q&A with actress and activist Rose Arianna McGowan.

Rose began by saying that her life has been a journey and she gets her motivation to live from people. She talked about shaving off her hair as a way to break up with what she was supposed to be. She also shared her experience of growing up with parents who belonged to a cult and how that shaped her.

In addition, Rose talked about how she became an actress and her experience of working in Hollywood and rebelling against its systems. "There's something really sick about how they operate and I thought I had amends to make."

She said that the tipping point for her came four years ago when equal pay for women was voted down. Since then she has used Twitter and other platforms to voice her opinions.

Rose answered questions from the audience on a range of topics such as climate change and raising kids, among others.

Watch the live stream of the interview here.