Reinventing leadership for AI driven digital transformation

Yesterday I joined the exciting launch of the RELOADED Series on AI Driven Digital Transformation, by the Digital Pioneers Network, and co-created by Bootstrap Labs.

Together with global leaders and pioneers in their respective spaces, in the first series of the webcast, I discussed the importance and need of AI driven digital transformation – which has been highlighted in the wake of Covid-19.

The role of digital transformation in businesses is not new, however - we still desperately need to reinvent leadership to support the digital age. As Sulvian Duranton, Managing Director and Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group highlighted in the webcast today, businesses have so far been thinking – where can we apply AI to add value and make a real difference? But for the next generation of businesses, we must think – where can the human add value? Then, we must make sure leadership and AI support this.

As Duranton pointed out, this requires a fundamental change in one’s mindset. The companies who can master that, will be the ones emerging from this pandemic stronger than before.

Keith Strier, VP of Wordwide AI Initiatives at NVIDIA, mentioned the importance of resilient systems – and that this requires a balance between humans and technology.

But the world is a big place, and we need to meet each business, industry and country where they are on this journey of digitalisation. This way, we can collectively collaborate to elevate the playing field. And this requires a new kind of leadership.

I believe, for leaders in global enterprises to succeed in reinventing their leadership for a digital age, there are three main steps that needs to take place:

  1. We must work to accelerate learnings and broaden our horizon on what is possible – also outside our own industries and comfort zones
  2. We need to form unconventional partnerships – this must include different players in our value chains
  3. We need to move forward fast – even though there is an enormous amount of uncertainty

With these steps, I believe we can move forward. And we need to make sure we take care of our human capital on this journey of digitalisation. This requires a new, empathetic and resilient leadership, upskilling our workforce and ultimately creating a better, more just and inclusive economy and society.

To hear more about the brilliant insights from the top leaders in this Series One of RELOADED, you can view the discussion here, and listen on Apple Podcasts, Google or Spotify. Thank you to the brilliant hosts and the global leaders who took part in this:

  • Chetan Dube, Founder and CEO, IPsoft
  • Sylvain Duranton, Managing Director, BCG
  • Kris Fitzgerald, VP and CTO, NTT Data
  • Keith Strier, VP, Worldwide AI Initiatives, NVIDIA
  • Igor Jablokov, CEO and Founder, Pryon