Newest Xynteo employee shares her views on the energy landscape for 2018

Doree Marentette, recently joined Xynteo as a principal coming from a role as Head of Energy Innovation Strategy in the UK government.

The UK government has committed to doubling its energy innovation spend by 2021 to over £400m per year. Between 2015 and 2021, over £2.5bn is expected to be invested in research, development and demonstration of low carbon energy, transport, agriculture, and waste. Doree played a significant role in developing the 'Clean Growth Strategy' - a blueprint for Britain's low carbon future, and has recently joined Xynteo to work on the Europe Delivers project. Doree comes with extensive experience in the UK energy and climate policy space. She was a part of the UK delegation at COP21 in Paris. Most recently, she was the Head of UK's Energy Innovation Strategy. At Xynteo, she is working on collaboratively bringing together business, civil society, and government to create an impact. "The role of a government in providing public funding for innovation, particularly in the energy sector, is to act where the financial markets cannot, due to the risks involved. As a decision-making body, the government cannot work alone and must collaborate with the private sector." says Doree. An example would be providing government support as seed funding, giving businesses critical support for new low carbon ideas that have commercial potential at scale. Doree believes that for UK to achieve 80% reduction in emissions by 2050, it is imperative to invest in innovation. According to her, while the UK has done extensive work to decarbonise the power sector, there is still a major opportunity in decarbonising heat. She believes that we need to develop solutions which are not only affordable, but desirable in the long run.

Doree's interest in energy was "a result of a series of happy coincidences" that stem from an early interest in ecology and systems biology.

Her move from policy to a commercial space came from a desire to develop ideas from a new perspective. She says that her interest in the energy sector, was "a result of a series of happy coincidences" that stem from an academic interest in ecology and systems biology. "After working in banking, I wanted to do something that was more personally meaningful. This was the beginning of my work in corporate social responsibility, particularly, thinking about carbon." She is excited to be part of developing new energy solutions to improve the lives of Europeans. As part of Europe Delivers at Xynteo, Doree is focusing on the first impact track on energy - to create a balance between affordability, security, and low-carbon energy solutions. "From an EU point of view, there are so many opportunities, especially with the Energy Union – from new forms of battery technologies that can be integrated with transport, to blockchain applications for smart energy trading, to developing new sources of renewable energy, and turning buildings into power stations - I think there is so much to look forward to," she concludes.

Doree, welcome to the #XynteoLife

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