New CEO Joins Xynteo, Strategic Transition Begins

Oslo, 15 April 2021 – Xynteo, a preeminent leadership advisory company, today announced that Jorge Pikunic has joined as Chief Executive Officer, effective April 15th. Longstanding CEO Osvald Bjelland transitions to the role of Founder and President, focused full-time on collaborative growth initiatives with Xynteo’s client and partners that address systemic global challenges.

“As founder of Xynteo, Osvald Bjelland has been prescient in helping businesses anticipate societal shifts and craft innovative growth strategies that are scalable, sustainable, and more equitable,” said Xynteo Chairman Rick Haythornthwaite. “The time is right for Xynteo to scale its services, and these leadership moves position the company to provide even greater value for its clients. I have known Jorge Pikunic for nearly a decade – and he has the management experience and skills to take Xynteo to even greater success.”

“Jorge brings the entrepreneurial mindset, leadership traits, and business experience that the Board of Directors and I sought in my successor,” Bjelland said. “We have our most talented team ever – and with Jorge’s leadership, Xynteo will play an even greater role in helping clients develop growth models fit for the future.” As CEO, Jorge will focus on strategy, execution, and expansion of Xynteo’s client services. Through its direct client service and coalitions such as Europe Delivers, Xynteo helps businesses develop innovative strategies that deliver the growth investors seek and the societal contributions that governments and other stakeholders now expect.

“Xynteo’s mission and entrepreneurial spirit is one I deeply connect with,” Jorge said. “Xynteo has a unique ability to enable businesses to create tangible impact commercially, environmentally and socially. The need for this has never been greater, and I am honoured and ready to serve as CEO. 2021 has come with a renewed commitment from businesses and governments to take on the global challenges we are facing, and I am ready to convert these commitments into action.”

Jorge joins Xynteo from Centrica PLC, where he most recently served as Managing Director of the organisation’s Business Solutions division. Before joining Centrica, he worked for McKinsey & Company, Procter & Gamble, and PDVSA (Venezuelan national oil company). He is a Board Director of the Faraday Institution, the UK’s independent institute for electrochemical energy storage science and technology.

“2020 was the best year in Xynteo’s history,” Osvald said. “Our strong performance in trying times reflects the dedication of our people and the value that our clients place in the work we do.

“The world is changing quickly. Five years after the Paris Accord, there is a renewed commitment by businesses and governments to finally take on the existential challenges the world faces. I am excited about the opportunities for Xynteo and our partner clients to lead the way toward a future that is net zero, socially just, and filled with more economic opportunity.”


About Xynteo:

Xynteo works with a community of visionary business leaders, equipping them and their organisations to transform the systems in which they operate. We provide advisory services for strategy, innovation, engagement, learning; and build cross-sector collaborations, including the Xynteo Exchange, Leadership Vanguard, Vikaasa (formerly India2022) and Europe Delivers. Xynteo also produces The Performance Theatre.

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