Monika Bielskyte to speak on building future realities at Xynteo Exchange 2019

8 Oct 2019

Monika Bielskyte to speak at Xynteo ExchangeLithuanian-born futurist and digital nomad Monika Bielskyte is confirmed to speak at the Xynteo Exchange 2019 in Oslo on 9th-10th October. 

Combining an artistic perception and an inventive approach, Bielskyte prototypes future realities. She is known for cutting-edge technological innovation, bringing Sci-Fi to reality through highly original creative visions.

Bielskyte will join a session on leadership at the Exchange. She will help envision a future built on a protopian approach – incremental steps towards improvement – rather than uncompromising utopian idealism, which can result in dystopian failures.

An expert on content and immersive media, Bielskyte is also the co-founder of ALLFUTUREEVERTHING, an agency and platform for prototyping futures.

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