Mayor Raymond Johansen: Oslo innovates with its citizens at the core

27 Nov 2018

Raymond Johansen, the Governing Mayor of Oslo, kicked-off the Xynteo Starter 2018 today at the City Hall, known for hosting the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

He welcomed the guests to the city of Oslo, aptly described as 'compact', where citizens are at the core of all innovations. Over 500 global leaders from different sectors and industries are in Oslo for the next few days, to participate in the Xynteo Exchange/Norway, a cross-industry, cross-sector platform for connecting ideas, talent and capital and fusing them into new growth opportunities that are fit for the future.

All these leaders are committed to a common mission of building a new kind of growth – one that is a force for good, not only for investors, but also for society and the environment. Johansen highlighted how the common denominator is the commitment to build a new kind of growth for good.

He envisions a greener and easier life for people of Oslo, who were early adopters of new technology, have a blooming start-up scene and are seeing an increase in investments, thus making it a good place to start new things before going global.

In 2019, Oslo will be the European Green Capital, providing inspiration and insights to people from all over the world.

Johansen talked about a range of measures Oslo is introducing -- investing heavily in green transportation, reopening waterways, making it accessible for people, ensuring that we increase biodiversity. Johansen emphasised that we cannot do this alone and that partnerships are crucial for us to succeed -- after all we're all in this together!