Mastercard's Mark Barnett on the future of Europe's flexible working economy

20-30% of jobs in Europe are carried out by gig workers, and the flexible working economy is growing rapidly. Even though these workers make up a large part of our economy, they do not have the financial safety nets afforded by others – especially detrimental during crisis such as the pandemic.

On a mission to create an inclusive flexible working economy in Europe that works for all, Mastercard has taken a lead on this challenge as a part of our Europe Delivers partnership.

In an article on the World Economic Forum, Mark Barnett, European President of Mastercard discusses  the company’s initiative to create a financial services safety net for flexible workers.

Read the full article to learn more about this initiative, and watch the video following our innovation studio with over 60 participants from 35 organisations, including big banks, FinTechs, insurers gig platforms.

To learn more, please connect with Xynteo’s Philip Smith, EVP UK and Europe Delivers.