innoDI wins the Impact Maker Award at Xynteo Exchange/India2022

2 Apr 2019

On 2 April, 2019, Xynteo Exchange/India2022 featured the 'Marketplace' which is a hub of innovation and ideas committed to finding solutions to some of India's systemic challenges. InnoDI Water Technologies Private Limited were chosen for the Impact Maker award, which recognises the project with the most potential to reinvent the growth model in India. As the prize, they have won the chance to showcase their venture to over 300 global leaders at the Marketplace during the 2019 Xynteo Exchange/Norway, in Oslo, this October. 

The company won the award for their Capacitive Deionization technology (CDI), a water treatment system that treats ground or surface water to produce clean drinking water. Their technology is noteworthy because less than 20 percent is wasted during the treatment process, as well as being highly energy and cost-efficient.Vijay Sampath, Director, innoDI Water Technologies enthused, "We are absolutely thrilled to win this award and to get recognition for the work we're doing. To be chosen among so many other incredible impact-driven projects is very humbling. We can't wait to visit Oslo and build more momentum."

The Marketplace was a truly dynamic space, filled with over 30 companies offering a diverse range of products and services. Right from the Plastic Safari recycling van, to Aditya Bioinnovation's nanofertilizers that allow better dissolution and faster absorption of fertilizers. Other projects also included Oorja energy engineering's structure cooling solution that offers an energy-efficient way to cool building spaces without air-conditioning and innovative medical technology devices like UE Life Sciences iBreastExam, a wireless, battery-powered, mobile-connected device that helps in breast cancer diagnosis.

These projects represented some of the best ideas that India and the world has to offer. The Marketplace is a great space to network with peers who are trying to make a difference and connect with talent, ideas, and capital. The Marketplace this year was filled with in depth conversations, an exchange of ideas and experiences and feedback on their ideas from Indian business leaders.