The India2022 Executive Committee outline their vision for the future

6 Apr 2018

In our final Square, the India2022 Executive Committee talked about their aspirations for India2022 – and how to scale its impact going forward.

CEO and Managing Director of Hindustan Unilever, Sanjiv Mehta opened the session. "An amazing amount of work and knowledge exists, but it exists in pockets, and we need to bring it together into a cohesive whole." he said. As the chairperson of India2022, Mehta remarked, "This is the right way to solve the big intractable problems that face the country and the world." Managing Director of TechnipFMC India, Bhaskar Patel urged us to consider "How we can get to a point where we are not polluting the planet that was given to us, but instead leave it in a better place for our children?" According to Nitin Prasad, the Chairman of Shell Companies India, the best way to drive this change is by working together, by combing our respective intellectual and material resources. Of India2022, he said "it has re-energised our faith in collaboration." Hindalco's Managing Director, Satish Pai discussed the Sustainable Mining Impact Track that his organisation is leading as part of India2022. "The problem of mining that we need to look at has a technology angle, but there is also a huge public perception issue that we need to solve." Krishna Bodanapu, Managing Director and CEO of Cyient, highlighted the scale and opportunity of the task ahead of us. "The onus is now on us to go out and make this happen, to take the collective vision, and work out how we can make a difference to many millions." In his address to the Exchange participants, Vice President of Baker Hughes, Alessandro Bresciani stressed that "a systemic approach is the path that is going to bring success. This was the final panel discussion of the Xynteo Exchange/India2022.