How do we drive systems change in three of Europe's most exciting areas of opportunity?

5 Jul 2019

A group of business leaders, innovators and senior policy-makers including Connie Hedegaard, Former European Commissioner for Climate Action, Hans Vestberg, Chairman & CEO of Verizon Communications, Dr Wolfgang Schüssel, Former Chancellor of Austria, met in Hamburg this week at the Europe Delivers Leaders Forum. The aim was to identify opportunities for practical action towards a new growth model in Europe.

"Powerful conversation has unlocked enormous progress for humanity, both within Europe and at a global scale. There have been few occasions where such conversations have mattered as much as they do now. We need to inspire a new narrative, bring together leaders to carry it to the world and drive projects that translate words into practical action." said Osvald Bjelland, CEO, Xynteo and Europe Delivers Advisory Board member.

Participants explored how to drive impact around three key questions, drawn from a wider set of Grand Challenges that we identified as shaping the future of growth in Europe. The questions sprang from conversations Xynteo has undertaken with CEOs of leading European companies as part of a follow-on report to A New Kind of Growth for Europe, expected to be launched later this year.

  1. How might businesses in Europe lead on building modern, life-long training systems that help people upskill and adapt to a changing world of work?
  2. How might we design user-centric products and services that will accelerate the transition to e-mobility in Europe?
  3. How might we maximise the benefits of big data in Europe while enhancing public trust in the systems that collect, share and use data?

The highly energised day concluded with participants including sharing their small working group interventions. The ideas and inventions will be used to shape and define proposals for practical action that bring together business, policy and civil society players to drive impact.