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As we navigate the pandemic and look to the future, Europe’s task is not just to recover – it is to transform. In the latest undertaking from Europe Delivers, Xynteo took the pulse of nearly 80 leaders, from both business and beyond, drawing on their insights to develop three provocative but plausible futures for Europe in 2025.

Our objective: to shine a light on the choices European business leaders must make now to deliver net-zero, just and competitive growth for all.

This report – called Choose Growth – paints three views of our future in 2025 and puts forward six leadership choices that these futures call for. We hope that the report will help business leaders explore both how their strategies would hold up against these futures, and how current strategies are likely to help or hinder the wider transformation we need in Europe.

Why business leaders? They have enormous resources at their disposal – capital, talent and indispensable know-how. And, here in Europe, the prevailing belief among business leaders is this: no company can be truly competitive unless its revenue- and profit-generation moves society forward.

Head to the Choose Growth microsite to discover the futures these conversations inspired.