Arvid Moss and David Suzuki debate about environmental costs of business

28 Nov 2018

The 2018 Xynteo Exchange hosted a face-off between Arvid Moss, EVP of Energy at Hydro and David Suzuki, geneticist and broadcaster, on business and its environmental costs.

David started the discussion by pointing out how sustainability is a recent word in the business world and asked Arvid how it was incorporated in Hydro. Arvid replied that since 1905, when the company was founded, Hydro has built cities and sustainable societies in remote areas as that is where the water was. This not only helped the company but also created a lot of wealth for the societies, he said.

David then questioned him about how corporations were based on the need for more and more profit, considering that the world is finite and one can't grow indefinitely. Arvid agreed with him and said that businesses need to clean up their production methods.

"We are much more focused now on the circular economy and that is what corporations need to think about — not only producing something but its full life cycle, from crate to grave," he said. David also noted how the scientific community innovated but forgot to see the bigger picture and the environment in which those innovations are to be used.