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1. Review your eligibility in the FAQ section below.
2. Complete your application by filling in the form below and hit the submit button. Remember the deadline is 14 October 2018.
3. You will receive confirmation once you’ve submitted your project.
4. We will review your entry according to our 7-point criteria and if you are selected, we will contact you directly.
5. Note that if you are coming from afar, there are opportunities for select projects to have their travel expenses covered.


Share a simple presentation, video, podcast or animation that showcases your idea, project or initiative.

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  • Your application to the Marketplace can include the submission of your files, photos, documents, audio, digital works, live-streams and videos that you upload, store, broadcast or share through the Marketplace (“Your Content”). We don’t claim ownership of Your Content. Your Content remains Your Content and you are responsible for it.

    By submitting your application and Your Content, you understand and acknowledge that Your Content may be shared, used, saved, recorded, reproduced, broadcast, transmitted, and displayed to other applicants/attendees of the Exchange via the Marketplace, or by other means, by Xynteo without compensating you. You represent and warrant that, you have (and will have) all the rights necessary for Your Content that is uploaded, stored, or shared on or through the Marketplace, and showcased during the Exchange, and that the collection, use, and retention of Your Content will not violate any law or rights of others. You understand and acknowledge that Xynteo cannot be held responsible for Your Content or the disclosure thereof to other applicants/attendees of the Exchange.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will it work and when will it take place?

The Marketplace is an integral part of the Xynteo Exchange/Norway with exclusively dedicated time both on 28 November (day 1) and 29 November (day 2) in Skur 13, Oslo, our main venue.



DAY 1 – 28 November – Skur 13

This will be the exploratory day, running from 10.00AM to 11.30AM.

The 50 ideas, projects and initiatives will have a dedicated area (a project stall) in their allocated Impact Zone. During these 1.30 hours, all other Exchange participants will be able to roam around the venue freely, exploring and learning about different initiatives.



DAY 2 – 29 November – Skur 13

Day 2 will be to focus and strengthen the connections created on day 1, running from 13.00PM to 14.30PM The Speakers’ Corners and the Ventures Hub come to life on this day.

Why should I apply?

The Impact Maker award: Opportunity of being spotlighted, winning prize money and advisory sessions with experts.


Market validation: Confirm whether your idea/project initiative is fit for the market or is ready to be scaled by asking experienced business leaders and potential customers the right questions.


Expand your audience: 15 initiatives will be chosen to talk at the Speakers’ Corner, and the talks will be shared through multiple media channels.


Strengthen your story: Practice talking about your project with experienced leaders. The initiatives selected for the Speakers’ Corner will have the opportunity to tell their story in a different way and shape their presentation for success.


Media exposure and reach: All selected projects will be featured on Xynteo’s website and the Exchange app, and other Xynteo media channels, prior to, during and after the event. A select few will be spotlighted inn the Exchange newsletter and will have the opportunity to share a blog about their initiative through Xynteo’s media channels. During the event you will also be able to connect with various media actors.


Access to a global tribe of leaders engaged in addressing the main challenges affecting the world. The Marketplace will help find mentorship, connect with partners, pursue funding and reach new users.


Broaden your view by learning from other initiatives in other stages of their life cycles, value chain, and domains.


Participate in a dialogue and catalyse action on the most important issues currently affecting our world.

Who can apply?

We have no restrictions regarding stage of development/level of maturity of the idea. We welcome organisations of all sizes and maturity from all locations.


The 50 selected initiatives will range from seed concepts, early-stage, growth and expansion and more mature products, services, platforms or marketplace initiatives. These can be internal initiatives from established organisations or from start-ups.


Although we will give priority to the ones with biggest growth and impact potential i.e. early-stage, growth and expansion stage, initiatives from all maturity levels will be selected.


The idea or initiative must fall within one of the Impact Zones themes*.


*The themes are still being scoped with our sponsor-partners. These will be broad and all-encompassing, so we encourage you to apply irrespective. More detail about the Impact Zone themes will be available soon.

When is the application deadline?

The final date for submission is 14 October 2018. But we encourage you to apply as early as possible as we will be selecting the featured ideas, projects, and initiatives in batches as follows:

What is an Impact Zone?

Impact Zones are theme-specific areas within the Marketplace, featuring up to 15 ideas, projects and initiatives run by entrepreneurs, change-makers and business leaders.

Each Impact Zone will be sponsored by an established industry shaper and the respective Impact Themes will be chosen together with the sponsoring partners. The preliminary themes are as follows:

A. How can we feed the world responsibly?

B. How can we finance better lives?

C. How can we resource the world sustainably?

D. How can we transport people and goods in a cleaner and safer way?

E. How can we advance human dignity and well-being?

The challenges will focus on the most critical visible emerging risks to our current growth paradigm. The Impact Challenges, not unique to any single industry, represent multiple ‘wicked problems’ and market failures – complex issues that are transforming societies and are affecting the operating business environment of our partners.

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Are there any costs associated with the application?

No. The application is totally free.

How will the ideas, projects and initiatives be selected? What is the criteria?

The ideas, projects and initiatives will be selected according to a 7-point criteria, evaluated by Xynteo and sponsor-partner experts.


1. Creativity: original, innovative, disruptive or a breakthrough improvement over existing solutions.


2. Goodness: high potential to solve a human need (social or environmental).


3. Scalability: high potential to scale (timely and high longevity and profitability potential). If B2C, accessible and affordable to as many of the potential beneficiaries as possible.


4. Readiness: benefits from the exposure, mentorship, investment, and network of participants in the Marketplace.


5. Human Power: the right team on board to execute and make the initiative a success.


6. Relatability: qualifies for one of the Impact Zone themes.


7. Presentability: conveys the message in a succinct, clear and compelling way.

How many ideas, projects or initiatives can I submit?

You can submit a maximum of two entries.

Do you give preference to an idea, project or initiative depending on its stage of development/level of maturity?

Although we will give priority to the ones with the biggest growth and impact potential, i.e. early-stage, growth and expansion stage, initiatives from all maturity levels will be selected.

What materials should I use for my submission?

We want you to find the best way to showcase the innovative or disruptive nature of your idea, project or initiative: what is it about; what human (social or environmental) problem are your trying to solve; how does it work; what makes you different from the other players in the market; what is unique about your idea, project or initiative; and why should people be enthused by it?


Highlight key members from your team and/or those supporting this initiative – staff, advisory board, board members, mentors, funders, accelerator and/or incubator involvement, etc.


If you have other materials such as a pitch or presentation deck with additional information, please feel free to include it with the submission. It will be a plus.


This can be a video, presentation, animation or podcast.

When and how will I know if I am selected?

We will email you if your idea, project or initiative is selected. The selection process has been extended. We will notify you by 25 of October.

Will I be able to participate in the entire Xynteo Exchange if I am selected for the Marketplace?

Yes. If you are selected to be featured in the Marketplace you can automatically participate in the entire Xynteo Exchange.

How many people from my team can come if my idea, project or initiative is selected?

We have limited availability, so unfortunately we need to limit this number to one person for participation at the Exchange. Despite that, you are welcome to bring support for the Marketplace (max 2 additional people).

Can I attend the Xynteo Exchange/Norway even if I am not selected for the Marketplace?

Unfortunately, we have limited availability so you won’t be able to attend.

What happens once I am selected?

We will notify you via email, with details on next steps, including registration for the Xynteo Exchange.

How will the ideas, projects, initiatives be featured at the Marketplace?

Each idea, project or initiative will have their own stall, in their respective Impact Zone.


More information about the stall and materials required will be shared once you’ve been selected.

What is the Speakers’ Corner? How will it work?

The Speakers’ Corner will be live exclusively on day 2 (29 November) during the Marketplace hours at Skur 13, the primary venue for the Xynteo Exchange/Norway 2018.


On day 2 of the Exchange, the project stalls will be closed and all eyes will be on the Speakers’ Corners.


Building on the original Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner concept, we will have a dedicated area where new voices will share their story with a wider audience.


The talks will run for a maximum of 6 minutes each.


The talk will be a journey of discovery about your initiative.


Once you’ve been selected we will schedule a briefing session and send you a guideline with the suggested format and advice to make the most of your talk.


The talk will be recorded and disseminated across our media channels after the Exchange.

How are speakers selected for the Speakers’ Corner?

We will select four ideas, projects or initiatives within each Impact Zone according to our 7-point evaluation criteria. One individual representing each idea, project or initiative will have the opportunity to speak from the Corner.

When will I know if I have been selected for the Speakers’ Corner?

You’ll be notified by email on 6 November, after the last batch of ideas, projects and initiatives has been selected.

What should be the format of the talk?

We want you to take us on the journey of discovery around your initiative (not a commercial pitch). You will have a maximum of seven minutes to follow a ‘show-don’t tell’ format with the aim to inform, inspire and surprise the audience.


We will send you a more detailed guideline with your notification, if you are selected.

How many people can be on the stage during the talk?

Only one.

What is the Ventures Hub and when will it take place?

The Ventures Hub will work exclusively during Marketplace hours on 29 November (day 2) at Skur 13, the primary venue for the Xynteo Exchange/Norway 2018.


The Ventures Hub is a physical space separated from all the excitement and confusion of the open and loud main Marketplace venue.


Here you will find a dedicated safe space to connect with those who can help you scale, or to simply exchange thoughts about new ideas with your peers. Our sponsor-partners’ experts in different areas such as business development, HR, finance, investing and marketing will be available to schedule talks with you.


There will also be space for you to sit down with your peers, such as founders of other start-ups working in the same space as you or simply someone with whom you would like to strengthen your connection.


Through the Xytneo Exchange app, you’ll be able to connect with other participants, scan and learn about all the initiatives and schedule meetings with relevant people.

What is the Impact Maker award?

The Impact Maker award is a newly established award to celebrate and amplify the most promising initiatives embodying the Xynteo Exchange’s mission.


We will shine a spotlight on the most deserving initiatives with a range of awards from prize money to advisory sessions with experts.


More information will be available soon.

How are initiatives selected for the Impact Maker award?

The winners of the Impact Maker award will be selected from the ideas, projects and initiatives featured at the Marketplace. All the participants at the Xynteo Exchange/Norway will be voting for their top three preferred ideas, projects or initiatives.

How many winners will there be?

The Impact Maker Award will be awarded to one winner.

What will the winners receive?

The winner will receive global recognition for their impact, with funding (€50k) and other benefits attached.

Will my intellectual property be protected? How can I know you or others will not steal my idea?

We know intellectual property is a big deal and therefore we will never claim ownership of any material that you submit during the Xynteo Exchange/Norway. In this regard, we will only use your material to the extent necessary for selecting the initiatives and hosting the Exchange. However, please note that during the Exchange you share with other applicants/attendees your ideas and that Xynteo does not impose any Non-Disclosure Agreements or other terms of confidentiality on any participants. If you have critical intellectual property rights or have sets of information you would prefer not to disclose in your application and during the Exchange, we would suggest to consult a legal specialist for advice before submitting any material. You should also note that the decision to disclose such material and information by submitting your application, as well as any legal implications thereof, is made at your own discretion and at your own risk.


Please note that since Xynteo does not claim any ownership of any material submitted or showcased by you; this also entails that the responsibility for adequately protecting your intellectual property remains solely with you. It also means that you have a responsibility to ensure that any material you submit or showcase does not infringe any third-party rights. By submitting your material, you acknowledge that we cannot protect or advise you on how to protect your intellectual property rights, nor can we assume responsibility if your material is infringed or if your material infringes the rights of third parties.

Write to us at or if you couldn’t find an answer to your question.


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