Waldemar Zeiler at the Leadership Vanguard Exchange: I didn’t know impactful change was possible without money

Waldemar Zeiler at the Leadership Vanguard exchange Berlin

Waldemar Zeiler at the Leadership Vanguard Exchange: I didn’t know impactful change was possible without money

On May 29-31, the Leadership Vanguard participants of 2018 regroup in Berlin, Germany for the second of the programme’s three Exchanges in the year.

Entrepreneur Waldemar Zeiler set the context for the Exchange and discussed the future of business and the importance of creating value. He emphasised the importance for entrepreneurs and business leaders to be ready for the future and recommended business leaders to explore new ideas: “Since we don’t know how the future of our business will look, we have to experiment”, he stated.

The purpose of Zeiler´s session was to help the catalysts, what the participants of Leadership Vanguard are referred tobecome better equipped with tools to take on a new growth model.

Zeiler believes that creating social and environmental value plays an important role in the future of business. ‘We don’t have time to do a Warren Buffet anymore. I might be a billionaire one day, but on the way, I am building a value chain and creating value, not just at the end’, he said.  

Waldemar Zeiler at the Leadership Vanguard in BerlinAlthough Zeiler has a firm focus on the future, he also believes that we need the current economic system:  ‘we also need the old economy to change the world’.

The entrepreneur from Berlin is the founder of Entrepreneur´s pledge, which is a commitment by sustainability-minded entrepreneurs to found at least one business that will have a positive environmental and social impact, with 50 percent reinvestment of the profits to further its cause. He is also the co-founder of Einhorn, which produces fair and sustainable condoms and is a proof-of-concept model for scalable social business.

When asked what surprised him most when he started as an entrepreneur 10 years ago, Zeiler responded: “I didn’t know impactful change was possible without money”.

The Leadership Vanguard catalysts, who are senior leaders from Mastercard, Shell, ICRC, Unilever and DNV GL, met in Berlin to expand and explore their ideas in the fields of big data privacy, plastic waste, digital megacities, agriculture and rural energy and resilience. Next, the catalysts will develop these ideas into scalable projects for positive change and impact.

The Leadership Vanguard is a year-long programme where senior leaders from across industries and around the world collaborate intensively to incubate commercial solutions to the problems that threaten the future of growth. 

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