The Xynteo Exchange/India2022 Marketplace goes live!

The Xynteo Exchange/India2022 Marketplace goes live!

Our challenge is not a scarcity of ideas, capital or talent; in fact, these resources are abundant. But, too often, they develop in isolation from each other.

It is only when new ideas, capital and talent find each other, connect and combine, that they sustain and scale. This has long been the role of the Marketplace. But the markets that we work with and within today are outdated. Their signals are misleading or incomplete.

We believe that there can be a different kind of Marketplace. One that fosters new ideas, capital and talent – and brings them together in new and powerful ways.

Leaders from across our community, including start-ups, big business and civil society – will pitch their projects in our Marketplace, making the case for innovative and disruptive products and services that need collaboration to scale.

At the Xynteo Exchange/India2022 Marketplace, we connected with projects at the intersection of human need and commercial opportunity from Shell, TechnipFMC, Cyient, Hindustan Unilever, GE, Siemens, Tata Chemicals and the Manndeshi Foundation, along with many other partners.

From Speaker’s Corner we took inspiration from two leaders who offered their own experience and reflections of connecting talent, capital and ideas for a new kind of growth. Xynteo’s executive vice president Veronica Lie spoke about the power of marketplaces, while Henrik Muller-Hansen discussed his experience as the CEO of Gelato.

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