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Smart Cable Guard

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The present electricity production, distribution and consumption is changing. Decentralized electricity production (solar and wind) changes the load flows over the cable network. For example, solar panels on domestic houses feeding electricity into the network locally. Electricity demand is increasing therefore loads are increasing, the cable network is aging and the client expects electricity to be available 24/7. Those changes and demands are challenges which a distribution network owner must face the coming years. Those changes together with governmental and regulatory bodies introducing mechanisms to increase security of electricity supply (for example penalty systems) will drive DSO’s to use digital solutions. DSO’s and other network owners (like industries) are more and more looking at advanced and new technologies to help in their quest to meet client and governmental demands. Smart Cable Guard A medium voltage network that is monitored by a fully automated system which immediately gives a warning when problems arise. This is a dream long held by many grid operators. Part of this dream is now realized by Smart Cable Guard® (SCG). SCG is a unique monitoring system developed by DNV GL in cooperation with the Technology Foundation of the Dutch government and Dutch grid operators. Smart Cable Guard® does not only monitor the cable on weak spots which can lead to failures, but it also detects the failures (full and intermittent short circuits) and locates both weak spots and failures in the cable within an accuracy of ~1% of the total cable length.