Reinventing growth in India and Norway

Reinventing growth in India and Norway

In our final Square of the Xynteo Exchange/India2022, leaders gathered to explore how Norway and India can learn from each other and accelerate the transition to a new, future fit growth model. Our two speakers offered us their thoughts on the nature and opportunities arising from collaboration across geographies and sectors.

The CEO of Mahindra Two Wheeler Business, Prakash Wakankar argued that this will require us to create a collaborative framework where multiple players can participate. “I don’t see scale happening unless there is a systemic move towards it.” he argued.

Marthe Scharning Lund, CEO of the Office of the Governing Mayor of Oslo, spoke about the need for business and government to work together. “In Norway, we have to regulate but we also have to help the businesses deliver products.”

Commenting on the Paris Climate Agreement, she said “you can see that the world leaders are aiming for a goal. Businesses all over the world are seeing that – and they don’t want to be left behind.”

The session was moderated by Chester Cunningham, a Managing Director at Xynteo.

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