Reinventing Growth

Growth is a powerful force. But the kind of growth that powered the last century is built on dangerous tradeoffs: between humans and nature, between the few and the many, and between short-term gains and long-term value. It’s increasingly clear that this way is not fit for the future.

We need to reinvent growth.

Today, visionary leaders understand that business cannot succeed for long in failing societies. And they are reinventing growth - increasing the value of their organisations by scaling commercial solutions to some of the world's most complex challenges. They create strategies that don't just win in today's market - they build tomorrow's.

These leaders have three things in common. They strive to think systemically, listening beyond their silos and seeking out perspectives that challenge their worldview. Their companies build the deep leadership bench, innovation capabilities, culture, and stakeholder relationships to thrive in a range of situations. And they seek to collaborate across sectors to drive change they can't achieve alone.

Xynteo works with a community of visionary business leaders, equipping them and their organisations to transform the systems in which they operate. We provide advisory services for strategy, innovation, engagement, learning; and build cross-sector collaborations, including the Xynteo Exchange, Leadership Vanguard, Vikaasa (formerly India2022) and Europe Delivers. Xynteo also produces The Performance Theatre.

Founded in Norway, Xynteo has offices in Oslo, London, Mumbai and New Delhi.