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Plastic Maker Hubs

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Xynteo, Unilever

Plastic Maker Hubs aims at tackling the wicked and highly critical problem of plastic waste at the source. We believe the problem is rooted in miscalculated value: negative externalities are not priced in waste, waste-pickers valuable work is not reflected in their income, and consumers do not have an opportunity to spend their money on a 'better' plastic. Our contribution to the solution is a series of small-scale hubs/workshops where waste-pickers convert plastic waste into a range of design products such as coasters, notebooks, wall clocks, furniture etc. These products embed principles of fair trade & circular economy, tapping into a huge global market of conscious consumers, both B2B and B2C. We aim at an holistic upliftment of the waste-pickers' communities & livelihoods, in terms of more income, dignified work and status.