Prioritising points of intervention

Now you need to decide which of these points of intervention to pursue. Where do you have the ability to make the needed impact? Consider filtering your options using the following criteria:

  • 1. Is the impact likely to have a positive domino effect through the wider system?
  • 2. Do you, your team or your wider network have the ability to trigger the proposed change?
  • 3. Have others intervened in a similar way? What can you learn from the results of their actions?
  • 4. Is it worth taking action at multiple points of intervention?

Identifying points of intervention is only the first step – following this, you will need to design and deploy these interventions effectively to have the system effect you
are seeking.

If you need guidance on designing effective interventions, email us at tools@xynteo.com for more information on our ‘Intervention Design Toolkit’