Deciding on your ‘Desired Future State’

  • Think of this as a long-term ambition that sounds so impossible and so audacious, that people would laugh  if you were to tell them that’s what you’re solving for.  Think, “To make the world’s information universally accessible for every human (Google)”; or “To enable  people to live on other planets (SpaceX)”;  or “To make urban waste either a valuable resource or to eliminate  it altogether.”
  • But that is exactly the point. This desired future state will act as our beacon, to ensure that no matter what idea we choose or how our solution evolves, it is on the right path.


  1. It must sound ambitious. If you can clearly see how we can achieve the desired future already, it is not  ambitious enough.
  2. Give it some specifics, like an end date or goal: – by 2030; 50% reduction in waste; in the city of Oslo –  this will help give better resolution to your target.