The Vanguard programme welcomes applications from all sorts of start-ups. If you operate in our chosen theme areas and geographies, we are keen to hear from you. There are a few things additional factors that make an application stand out to us:

  1. Disruptive business models. We're looking for start-ups that have an innovative, disruptive business model with potential for outsized impact.

  2. Revenue positive (but not necessarily cash positive). We welcome start-ups at different growth stages, but are looking for start-ups that have begun to generate revenue, as this is the period during which Vanguard acceleration can add most value. 

  3. Potential for commercial tie-in. We love start-ups where we can see potential for scale through commercial linkages with one or more of our partner companies– whether via a joint pilot, or as a potential supplier.
  4. Collaborative at their core. We prioritise start-ups that are excited about the possibility of collaboration with leading multinationals and organisations, and will bring energy and commitment to their involvement.

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