The Vanguard Accelerator Programme


Are you a start-up tackling global challenges? Do you operate in India, South Africa, Brazil or the USA?

We are looking for start-ups to join an exclusive 6-month programme that will connect you with senior leaders across major global organisations – from Unilever to the International Red Cross – and help you scale your impact. 

A note on COVID-19:  The Vanguard programme is global by nature: in any given year, our start-up participants and business leaders are located across over a dozen timezones, and we have always run our programme primarily through virtual engagement. In light of the travel restrictions required to contain the coronavirus spread, we have shifted to an entirely virtual programme for the first part of this year.  

Our selected themes for 2020 remain as relevant as ever. The innovative technologies and business models that our start-ups are creating are critical to address the needs of our society and economy. We need not dwell on the importance of sanitation at this moment – particularly in places that are water-scarce, where soap is not affordable and hygiene behaviours are not ingrained. Net-positive facilities that serve nearby communities and replenish the resources they use will be more resilient through this lean period, and more able to maintain a license to operate. And as we emerge on the other side of the pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to shift our behaviours and our systems towards digital decarbonisation. 

We also recognise that many of our start-ups will be facing real challenges in the coming months - the benefits of our fully tailored and customised programme, is that we can adapt our support in a way that delivers impactful results to your business in this time of uncertainty. The Vanguard programme is the beginning of a longstanding, rewarding and evolving relationship between our start-ups and our business leaders, and this year is no different. 

You can find out more details about our updated programme design in our FAQs. We look forward to experimenting with new methods and tools for meaningful virtual interactions.

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