Stakeholder Collaboration

Helping leaders build values-based, impact-oriented relationships with stakeholders.

In the long run, leaders and organisations can only be as successful as the systems of which they are a part. Companies that deliver value to not only their shareholders, but also their customers, communities and co-workers, stand to achieve more resilient growth.  

Too often, interacting with stakeholders is a one-way street. We help leaders and organisations collaborate with key stakeholders to develop future-fit strategies, co-create new products or services, and/or scale existing ones. Leveraging our systems collaboration toolkit, global leadership network, and experience design expertise, we have a unique approach to unlocking latent potential within a company’s sphere of influence. 

We have worked with companies from Verizon, Anglo American and DNV GL, to INGKA (IKEA), Nordea and Shell, helping them each to collaborate differently with stakeholders.

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