Innovation and Acceleration

Helping leaders scale solutions at the intersection of human need and commercial opportunity.

History shows that systems can transform rapidly – if compelling new solutions are available and accessible, and if production and distribution can be ramped up quickly. Global business has a particularly critical role to play in developing and scaling these solutions – by harnessing its commercial muscle, supply and distribution infrastructure, experience navigating diverse regulatory landscapes, and brand credibility to address society’s biggest needs.

Our work helps leaders and organisations identify societal needs that they are uniquely equipped to serve. We run innovation processes to identify new products, services and business models that can meet those needs while delivering top line growth. And because a number of promising technologies and business models are already here but are not reaching scale quickly enough, we help global companies build partnerships that accelerate those technologies and business models.  

We have delivered innovation and acceleration programmes for companies including Anglo American and Equinor, as well as for theme sponsors in our Leadership Vanguard partnership accelerator.

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