Vikaasa (formerly India2022) is a business-led coalition committed to creating a new growth model for India in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The member companies of Vikaasa will incubate and pilot new growth models creating impact at scale.

Launched in 2017 with the support of its founding partners from leading global and Indian businesses, Vikaasa focuses on four impact areas: – energy, sustainable livelihood, healthcare and waste management. Coalition partners across our four impact tracks include Hindalco, Aditya Birla Group; Cyient; Hindustan Unilever Limited; Shell; State Bank of India; Technip Energies and WPP. The then President of India, Late Shri Pranab Mukherjee, described this initiative as "the need of the hour".

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A purpose-driven business coalition of forward-leaning organisations

Our focus

Build the tribe

Create an ecosystem to bring together stakeholders invested in social impact

Shared narrative

Craft a unified narrative and engagement around the mission and purpose of the coalition and its activities

Expand and engage the talent pool 

Empower future leaders to be the drivers of commercial collaboration across sectors

Project development 

Co-curate and scale commercially viable, collaborative and transformative projects

Funding for impact 

Facilitate transformative partnerships and create blended capital models for accelerating development

Transformation through collaboration

The coalition is pursuing three ambitions and three goals that address seven of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Transformation through collaboration

Our four impact tracks

The coalition is tackling some of the most pressing challenges facing India through its work across four thematic areas/impact tracks. 

Waste to Value

Led by Hindustan Unilever

The Waste to Value impact track aims to transform the way Indian businesses think about packaging waste by establishing sustainable end-to-end waste management models by focusing on circularity.


Led by Cyient

The Healthcare impact track aims to democratise access to diagnostic healthcare by using technology to provide high-quality healthcare solutions across India.

Sustainable Mining

Led by Hindalco, an Aditya Birla Company

The Sustainable Mining impact track focuses on building a future-ready business model that balances social, environmental and economic factors within mining areas.


Led by Shell and supported by TechnipEnergies

The Energise impact track focuses on making business-led, systemic changes at scale that accelerates the availability and utilisation of sustainable, innovative energy solutions to support the Government of India’s goals for the country’s energy transition.

Transformative projects

Rural Collaboration

The rural collaboration project aims to bring holistic multi-sectoral development to rural communities in India with market-driven interventions through the Stages of Development (SOD) Framework. The SOD Framework is a data-driven tool that helps public and private sector players pursue synergistic action with greater impact.

Rural Collaboration

Project Tej

Launched in February 2020, the Project Tej Alliance aims to accelerate healthcare innovations and their access to public health channels and private markets. The alliance addresses the systemic challenges of the healthcare innovation ecosystem by forging transformative partnerships, catalysing capital and building a partnership of stakeholders including governments, businesses, start-ups, hospitals, funders, non-profits and other ecosystem enablers.

Project Tej



Vikaasa is governed by an Executive Committee and supported by an Advisory Board.

India2022 Team

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