The Leadership Vanguard

Forward-thinking businesses, governments and NGOs are seeking new ways to serve the needs of 8 billion people while enabling life to flourish on a destabilised and finite planet. Businesses, governments and NGOs increasingly recognise they must collaborate to achieve the transformation needed.

Catalysing this transformation whilst still running the systems that support their stakeholders today is perhaps the greatest struggle for leaders. The pull of the past is strong, and requires business, government and NGO leaders to develop the networks, mindset, and abilities required to trigger, encourage and guide such transformation.

The Leadership Vanguard is a unique cross-sector partnership managed by Xynteo that each year brings together senior leaders from business, government and NGOs to co-develop the networks, mindset and abilities to transform not only their organisations but the systems in which they are embedded.

Each year the programme evolves, but there are constants: leaders step out of their familiar contexts to work in close collaboration with peers from other sectors and diverse external stakeholders. They immerse themselves in systemic problems seeking ways to combine commercial value with value for people and planet. They explore possible futures, build networks of innovators and change-makers, and identify the system interventions necessary for new business models, technologies and ways of organising to thrive. As they collaborate, they build the capabilities and cross-sector networks that will empower them over the years to come.

2021 Programme: Regenerative Business

The current six-month cycle of the programme has been adapted and developed to reflect the circumstances of the Covid pandemic, and in doing so opened up new opportunities for global collaboration by harnessing a variety of technologies, whilst also allowing for memorable in-person experiences and encounters where possible.

This year, the programme is centred around the theme of regenerative business. How MIGHT business, government and the voluntary sectors go beyond doing less or net-zero harm to consciously making a net positive contribution to wider society and the biosphere?

"Whereas a sustainable firm seeks merely to reduce its ecological footprint, a regenerative company boldly seeks to increase its socio-ecological handprint—as Harvard professor Greg Norris puts it—by restoring the health of individuals, communities and the planet. In doing so, regenerative businesses can achieve greater financial performance and impact than their sustainability-focused peers."  

Navi Radjou, Forbes - Oct 2020

Programme Objectives

The programme combines three objectives which we pursue in parallel throughout each cycle.

Developing people

Grow the ability of business leaders and their organisations to understand systemic problems and develop adaptive responses.

Making a difference

Develop a portfolio of future-fit concepts for regenerative business and bring them to life.

Changing businesses

Build and sustain a tribe of inspiring, mutually supporting leaders who can champion business transformation.

2021 Partners

This year, we are working with over 50 senior leaders and emerging talent from the following organisations:

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Programme Director, Leadership Vanguard

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