Challenge Areas: Responsible Food Systems – Yara

Challenge Areas: Responsible Food Systems – Yara

Sustainable food solutions

While agriculture can drastically transform lives, increase resilience and improve social mobility, this is immensely difficult to do without a system to understand where food comes from, how it is produced and what the impact is on the environment and society. There is a need to create the enabling infrastructure that captures the externalities in the food system and accelerates consumer adoption to support a sustainable food system, and more accurately incentivizes the development of more sustainable food solutions.

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Circularity in agriculture

The use of natural resources, such as water and soil, as well as the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the current food system, could be drastically reduced by changing towards a circular food system. However, these approaches have not been widely adopted. Moreover, up to 33% of the food produced goes to waste. There is a need to build the enabling ecosystem and design innovative solutions to successfully re-capture lost value in the food system and accelerate the shift towards a circular food system that helps meet our growing food demands.

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Digital agriculture

Digital technology has shown that it can have a transformational impact on agriculture, particularly for smallholder farmers, but widespread scaling and adoption has been slow. There is a need to increase the value proposition that will incentivize and scale the adoption of digital technology to farmers’ needs.

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Revitalising soils and forests

Forest and farmland-based carbon sinks play a significant role in carbon sequestration. However, to meet 2030 climate goals, we will need to accelerate their number and effectiveness rapidly. Current levels of deforestation and many agricultural practices lead to carbon loss from soils and forests. There is a need to adopt new reforestation and farming practices that could restore these carbon sinks.


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