Keren Elazari tells us why we need hackers

Keren Elazari tells us why we need hackers

We are hard-wired to relate and connect to those who are similar to ourselves. It is not always easy to go beyond our comfort zone. But if we do so, the rewards will be immense.

In Square Three of the Xynteo Exchange/Norway, we took inspiration from one of the world’s leading hackers to challenge ourselves to face up to our fears and listen to the people who scare us the most.

Security analyst and senior researcher at Tel Aviv University, Keren Elazari, talked about the imperative for cyber security in a digital age. “The risk to human lives can be great.” She warned us how hackers are “not just hitting financial centres but also health and medicine.”

“Information can be weaponised in the hands of criminals. This is a global age of cyberwarfare!” she said.

But there is a solution and it lies in one of the places you’d least expect it. “Digital innovation poses great risks; there will always be vulnerabilities. This is where hackers come in, to solve these problems.” Keren said.

She went on to describe Hackers as “an immune system for the digital age.”

The benefits of hackers are now becoming increasingly recognised. Indeed, several leading companies, including Tesla, are now actively inviting hackers to come work with them.

Keren closed her speech by encouraging us to embrace the hacking community, “Hackers can seem scary, and we might be outcasts. But these are exactly the people you need to work with. Can you afford not to?”

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