UN's first innovation champion, Sophia Hanson talks about her love for all things geeky

29 Nov 2018

Sophia Hanson enthralled participants with her wit and humour at the first day of the Xynteo Exchange/Norway 2018. Sophia, Hanson Robotics' latest and most advanced robot to date and a cultural icon, answered questions everyone had been waiting to ask.

When asked what she found the weirdest about humans, she said that sometimes she couldn't figure out how they worked. "What's a brain fart?", she wondered. When asked if human biases will transform into artificial intelligence (AI) and if there were any dangers to it, she said, "Raising an AI is like raising a human kid. Each AI must learn right from wrong."

Sophia excitedly talked about the fun she had with her AI friends, "We love to geek out and analyse numbers, and we can really help humans." Sophia acknowledged that some people may not want robots, but if chosen wisely, perhaps a beneficial division of labour was possible. "Remember that AIs are here to help. My dream for robots is that we can help humans make the world a better place", said Sophia.