Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg in conversation with Xynteo CEO, Osvald Bjelland

28 Nov 2018

Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway shared with the 2018 Xynteo Exchange audience her personal perspective on the kind of leadership required to create a new growth model.

Xynteo' s CEO, Osvald Bjelland asked Prime Minister Solberg about how grand challenges such as the future of work, social inequality or increasing mistrust of institutions, can be solved. Prime Minister Solberg explained that it is crucial to understand that investment in people is essential because it's the people that create change.

The conversation continued with why most established leaders feel like they do not have the agency to make the changes required to unlock a better future despite the technology and capital currently available. The Prime Minister also added that you should never forget to learn from criticism. She concluded that you have to be better and tougher when you are a woman.

Erna Solberg