Daniela Reyes' Notes Echo through Oslo City Hall at Xynteo Starter

27 Nov 2018

Daniela Reyes, an upcoming young artist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from Norway, enthralled audiences with an amazing performance at the Xynteo Starter, where we celebrated the role of arts and culture in challenging the current growth model.

Now, more than ever, we need individuals from arts and culture to help us break out from the 'business-as-usual' thinking.

Daniela, a Norwegian champion in accordion, is the daughter of artist Maj Britt Andersen and composer Geir Holmsen. Since competing at the national championship for accordion at the age of 10, Daniela later broadened her talent to include singing, guitar, bass, and percussion into her bilingual live set. Combining skill with charisma, Daniela has become a popular artist without releasing a single piece of music, gaining traction by word-of-mouth.